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MCL 48V 150W rackmount DC UPS

Quick Tag: DC4830RBU

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MCL 48V 150W rackmount DC UPS

Quick Tag: DC4830RBU

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MCL's 48v rackmount DC UPS is a 48V, 150W battery-backed DC power supply, designed to provide a reliable and secure 48 Volt nominal, 3 Amp supply in telecoms and datacoms enclosures.

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The Mainframe Communications 48V, 150W battery backed DC power supply is designed to provide a reliable and secure 48 Volt nominal, 3 Amp supply in telecoms and datacoms enclosures.

It uses the standby-parallel principle of operation and with its built-in lead accumulator ensures that the DC power supply is reliably maintained in the case of a mains power failure. *The back-up time (depending on the state of charge of the accumulator) is 2 hours at a typical 2 Amp load.

Alarm outputs are provided for the remote monitoring of the AC supply, The DC module health, the battery condition and the status of an external contact.

The internal batteries are maintained at their optimum using a microcontroller-based battery management system which includes bulk and float charging modes and temperature compensation for the charging voltage; this ensures that the battery life is not unduly compromised. The microcontroller also continually monitors the batteries for indications that they have reached the end of their service life and are no longer capable of effectively supplying the load—this is indicated by a flashing battery fault lamp on the front panel, and the closing of the battery alarm contacts. This system ensures confidence in the unit’s ability to take over in the event of a power failure while avoiding the cost of routine premature battery replacement.


  • 48V, 3A DC Output
  • 115-230 VAC Input
  • 2 Hour Backup Time*
  • 19” Mounting
  • 2U High
  • Temperature-Compensated Charging
  • Alarm Outputs
  • Battery Condition Monitoring



Input parameters


Mains voltage




Current surge when connecting to 230V mains

max. 40A

Power coefficient




Leakage current

max 2mA

Output parameters


Number of outputs


Output fuses – accessible

2AF (5x20mm)

Output voltage *1)


Nominal, total output current *2)


Current limitation *2)

min 3.2A

Internal battery supervision


Battery – VRLA


Floating mode voltage at temperature of 25°C


Bulk charging voltage at temperature of 25°C


Temperature dependency *3)


Battery charging current – max.


Battery charging time of up to 80% of its capacity


Discharged battery disconnection


Battery fuse – accessible

4AF (5x20mm)

Max. battery circuit resistance (indication)

>600 mΩ

External battery


Nominal battery voltage


Battery fuse

4AF (5x20mm)



Relay indication – NC terminals accessible on indication connector

- power failure

- battery fuse blown, no battery or battery resistance too high

- rectifier faulty

- external alarm indication (door open)

15V/1A, 30V/1A, 60V/0.5A at resistive load

External alarm input (ext.) – short circuiting with potential-free terminals required

load as above.

LED indication on the front panel

- mains on (AC good)

- rectifier OK (DC good)

- battery fault (BATTERY internal FLT):

- no battery or battery fuse blown

- battery resistance too high (battery needs to be exchanged)



on (G)

on (G)


on (Y)

blinking (Y)



Dimensions – 19”

- height

- length (unit only, without connectors)


88mm (2U)


Weight (including battery)

< 14kg

Ingress protection


Indication connectors (sockets)


Output connectors

Molex Mini-Fit Sr 4pin/10mm

External battery connector

Molex Mini-Fit Sr 2pin/10mm

External alarm connector

Phoenix FFKDSA/H1-7.62

Output and battery fuses


Mains power



EN 61000-3-2 Class A, CE Marked

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Additional Information

QuickTag DC4830RBU
Manufacturer MCL
Mounting Rack
Rating 150W
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