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Broadcast Fibre cable systems.

The use of fibre optic cable in the broadcast industry began in the mid-1980s, but increased in the 1990s with the advent of digital video. The growing use of HDTV and UHDTV cameras created the need to transport signals with a higher bit rate over long distances. Fibre optics offers not only greater bandwidth over longer distances but also a better signal to noise ratio, greater immunity to interference and reduced size and weight.

MCL Data Solutions specialise in harsh environment fibre optic cable assemblies, so you can count on us to provide the best solution for your broadcast application. You can rely on their rugged construction and dependability year after year.


HDTV Camera links
Audio systems
Outdoor Broadcasting systems.

Why Use Broadcast Fibre Optic Cable?

With advances such as HD video and multi-channel audio in the broadcasting market, greater demands are being put on data transmission systems. Fibre optic technology, with its ability to deliver digital, high-bandwidth, and low signal loss data streams is ideally suited to cope with these needs. To accommodate these growing needs, MCL Data Solutions offers a range of fibre optic broadcast products that are specifically designed to withstand the challenges for real-time transmission of high definition broadcast signals.

Breakout broadcast cable is used outdoors for temporary deployment on the ground in all terrains.

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Cable deployment reel system designed for harsh-environment fibre optic installations.

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Cable Termination service Harsh-environment fibre optic cable terminated in the UK to order.

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