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Rittal Micro Data Centres – a complete data centre solution in a rack

The Rittal Micro Data Centres (MDC) protect your IT equipment from physical threats such as Fire, Corrosive Gases, Theft, Vandalism, Extinguisher water, Dust and Unauthorised access. A new concept for the data centre industry, this compact self-contained solution offers a convenient and cost-effective option, without compromising on features or performance.

The MDC are ideal for any business where space or access is limited – such as office blocks, hospitals, GP surgeries, retail, industrial automation, academia, environmentally sensitive areas, etc – providing readily scalable, cost-effective capacity that can be installed virtually anywhere with a power supply and access for cooling pipework or ventilation.

Key benefits:
  • Complete solution
  • Scalable
  • Quick to install and commission
  • Environmentally independent
  • Exceptional efficiency
  • Futureproof
  • Secure

Level E - Micro Data Center

High level of protection for your IT

  • Maximum security in a range of Rittal safes.
  • An optimal protection concept for one or more server rack solutions, that are aimed at small and medium sized enterprises
  • Modular layout for installation in hard-to-access locations and for retrospective enclosure of existing IT structures
  • Future-proof investment all thanks to the options of extendibility, dismantling and re-assembly
  • A high level of protection from our tested system security; testing has been carried out by accredited institutes and confirmed with test reports
  • Modified air baffle plates for optimum air routing, ensuring efficient cooling of your safes

Level B - Micro Data Center

Robust protection for your IT

  • Optimal protection concept for a server rack
  • Modular layout suitable for installation in hard-to-access locations.
  • Form-fit connection with the stable TS 8 framework structure
  • Front and rear 482.6 mm (19˝) level of the TS-IT rack already included with the supply
  • Lighter than the Level E Micro Data Centre
  • Tested security – testing has been carried out by accredited institutes and confirmed with test reports