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IP65 Tornado Range (Stainless Steel)

IP65 Tornado Range (Stainless Steel)

Especially designed for, telecommunications, telephone, fibre optics and public lighting. Double thermally installed vandal proof walls.


• The best system of telecommunication rack cabinets on the market.
• Earthquake and vibration control.
• Thermo insulated and self-cooled.
• Approved water resistant sealing and UL certified, on exterior doors.
• Maximum security against vandalism and lever forced opening.
• Anti-vandalism socket

19” Outdoor Rack cabinets especially designed for outdoor use: Thermo-insulated and self-cooling double wall for better protection of the electronics, servers, CCTV, telecommunications, voice, data, fibre optics, etc. Ideal for protecting electronic equipment against temperature change. Fitted anti-insect grill to stop flies entering the cabinets.

The interior design allows easy placement of racks, mounting plates, trays, dividers, etc. Equipped with a removable tray for easy cable entry and hole cutting. Includes socket 100 mm, 19" frame rack, polyester paint finish (RAL 7035) resistant to corrosion and weathering. Anti-vandalism handle made of black duralumin with a key lock.

Ideal for outdoor computer placement, weather stations, telecommunications, CTV, ETSI, fibre optics, security and video surveillance, traffic light controls, street lighting or any other application that needs extra outdoor protection. For outdoor use in areas experiencing extreme temperatures or harsh environments.

• IP65 Norm IEC EN 62208 and EN 60529/10.91.
• 2006/95/CE - EN 50102 - Maximum voltage 1000 V
• Work temperature between -50°C and +85°C
• EN61969-3 Mechanical Structures for Electronic Equipment and Outdoor Enclosures.

• We can design a specific solution to the client’s requirements while retaining the fundamentals of thermal insulation, sealing, safety and easy installation.
• 19” or 21”, depending on rack support position.
• Ventilation KIT: Fan, dual and resistance heater thermostat.
• Several options in Roof ventilation.
• 200 mm socket.
• Possibility of including air conditioning equipment attached to one side or the roof.
• It can also be supplied without a frame rack but with trays.
• Handle with locking system.
• Available with 1 or 2 doors.
• Full range of accessories available.
• Degree of protection: Up to IP65.
• The tray can include micro cuts for later placement of different options.

• Aluminium Outdoor Rack: Improves cooling and is lighter. (2 mm)
• Galvanised Outdoor Rack: An economical alternative.
• Stainless Steel Outdoor Rack: Consult details and prices.


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