Brand-Rex launch of LUL approved RailSafe optical fibre cables

Brand-Rex has announced the launch of a new line of RailSafe optical cables.  RailSafe is a range of high performance fibre optic cables. These cables are designed for use in signalling, data, telecommunications track-side, underground and metro station applications, where the effect of fire on cables is critical to the cable performance in the environment installed.

The new range was designed especially for metro and rail markets with specific cables approved for use by London Underground and Network Rail.

The new additions include fibre non-metallic armoured multi loose-tube cables in 4-144 fibres, fire resistant optical cables in 4-24 fibres.  Designed for telecom and data communication, CCTV and passenger information system applications, the new cables are ideal to support the safety and performance demands of rail infrastructure.

The complete RailSafe range has been designed to meet rigorous requirements for smoke flammability and toxicity and is ideal for installations where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes requirements exceed those of standard cables, such as underground applications. 

In addition, the high performance RailSafe Armoured Fire Resistant Optical Cable not only meets the rigorous fire, smoke and toxicity requirements of London Underground, but also the IEC, BS EN and BS standards for fire survival.


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