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48 Way LC Singlemode Fibre Optic Wall Splice Patch Box

Quick Tag: 8035-LC-9-48-001

48 Way LC Singlemode Fibre Optic Wall Splice Patch Box

Quick Tag: 8035-LC-9-48-001

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48 Way LC Singlemode Fibre Optic 2 Door Wall Splice Patch Box with adaptors and pigtails.


Fibre Optic Wall Splice/Patch Box 2 Door 48 Way LC Singlemode with adaptors and pigtails


Secure & robust design

Cost effective quality manufacture

Independent Splice & Patch sections

Most industry standard connectors available

Dual hinged access doors

Compact for unobtrusive installation

Cable entry / exit - top & bottom

The 8035-series Wall Mounted ODF is manufactured from mild steel and provides secure termination and distribution for up to 48 fibres. Ideally suited to applications where space is at a premium and a rack is unavailable, the unit has the added security of two independent hinged lockable doors. The unit has two compartments; the left side is designed for incoming plant cable and splice management while the smaller right hand side compartment caters for patchcord distribution. The compartments are individually locked with different keys meaning that the splice compartment will remain locked and secure even when the patching compartment is unlocked for access. A laser warning sign alerts users to the fact that hazardous laser radiation may be present on the panel or contained therein. Standard arrangement for cable entry & exit consists of the left-hand side having 2 x 20mmØ cable access holes in both the base and top of the unit, whilst the right-hand compartment has 2 x slots (1 top & 1 bottom) for patchcord routing. All industry standard connectors are catered for via various types of removable bulkhead panels. This unit can be provided bare or with fibre management kits & pigtails, or even supplied with pre-terminated tails for speed of installation


Width: 360mm

Depth: 80mm

Height: 365mm


1.2mm Mild Steel


RAL 7032 (Light Grey) Fine Textured


Pigtails, Bulkhead adaptors, Bulkhead panels, Cable glands, Splice support sleeves.

Cables Access

4 x 20mmØ holes in left-hand side (2 x base, 2 x top) to suit cable glands. 2 x slots, right-hand side top & base for patchcord entry/exit.

Additional Information

Additional Information

QuickTag 8035-LC-9-48-001
Manufacturer MCL
Mounting Wall
No. of Ways 48
Connector Type LC
Material Mild Steel
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