OutTeg IP65 Outdoor Data Cabinet

OutTeg IP65 Outdoor Data Cabinet

We offer from ConTeg two product lines of IP65 rated outdoor enclosure- outTEG I single-walled outdoor cabinets and outTEG II double-walled outdoor cabinets.

With a tight mechanical design, a clear line and a vent system, outTEG satisfies the requirements of customers in both high temperature locations and in regions with extremely low temperatures. The 25 mm perforated rack frame and a range of internal accessories creates a highly flexible cabinet.

Configurable with fans, cooling units, heat exchangers and heating units we can ensure a favourable climate and stable temperatures inside the data cabinet. This many reduce the IP rating to IP55, depending the cooling system

With a compact design, a clear line and a climate control system, outTEG satisfies the requirements of the outdoor enclosure in high temperature locations as well as those situated in regions with extremely low temperatures. The 25 mm cabinet frame perforations and the available accessories allow for simple bespoke solutions.

outTEG I single-walled external cabinets are a simple construction, which safely protects IT and electrical equipment against any weather conditions and corrosion. When looking for more weatherproof external cabinet solutions, we suggest choosing outTEG II, the double-walled cabinets with natural ventilation between the sealed inner space and the outer vented case. These cabinets together with our climate control units allow achieving better thermal comfort of installed components and are suitable to use in regions with extremely low or high temperatures.

• Simple, useful, functional construction
• The highest protection against corrosion
• Welded stainless steel enclosure frame
• All removable parts are made of aluminium (doors, rear/side panels, roof)
• Polyester Powder coat with UV protection
• PUR non-porous gasket – suitable for extreme temperature ranges
• Dust and water protection IP65
• Mechanical protection IK10 – against severe damage
• Vandalism-proof
• Compact design = no point of access for lever-type tools
• Ready for crane transport
• High stability up to earthquake security (according to Bellcore)

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outTEG I Single
The outdoor single-walled cabinet provides basic protection of the installed equipment against all weather conditions.
outTEG II Double Natural
The outdoor double-walled rackoutTEG II Double Natural provides better thermal regulation of installed components through the natural air flow between the walls

outTEG II Double Fan

 The product line outTEG II Double Fan provides more effective heat dissipation by forced ventilation using EC fans installed in the wall or roof.

outTEG II Double Active

The outTEG II Double Active is equipped with a climate cooling or heat exchanger unit and is particularly suitable for applications in extreme conditions.