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Cabinets Racks Frames

MCL Data Solutions range of rack cabinets and server cabinets for the datacoms, telecoms and internet administration industries from Leading manufacturers including Usystem, Prism and Orion. If you need assistance call us on 01702 443810.

  • Copper System Patch Panels

    Copper System Patch Panels

  • Cable Management

    Cable Management

  • Fibre System Patch Panels

    Fibre System Patch Panels

  • Flat Pack Data Cabinets

    Flat Pack Data Cabinets

  • Outdoor Cabinets

    Outdoor Cabinets

  • Roxtec cable entry seals

    Roxtec cable entry seals

  • Open Frame

    Open Frame

  • Wall Mount Data Cabinets & Racks

    Wall Mount Data Cabinets & Racks

  • Data Cabinets & Racks

    Data Cabinets & Racks

  • Cabinet & Rack Accessories

    Cabinet & Rack Accessories