Wall Mounted Vault

Wall Mounted Vault

Wall Mounted IP68 Splice & Patching Optical Fibre Distribution Frame (ODF)

- Vault ODF openVault ODF1.6mm Durable stainless steel enclosure
- Maximum capacity of 1944 LC circuits
- Secure enclosure with lockable door latch
- Modular design
- Environmentally sealed to IP68

This wall mounted ODF has been designed to be a compact, high density alternative to the standard equipment room splicing and patch arrangements internally or externally. Using the compact LC connector system it has the capability to present up to a maximum of 1944 circuits on a pivoting patch frame. Incoming cables can access the ODF through the gland plate located on the underside of the enclosure which can cater for up to 8 optical fibre cables of between 8mm and 27mm in diameter by selecting the appropriate cable gland. Cables are anchored inside the ODF by gripping the cable central strength member located inline to each entry position, at this point fibre loose tubes are routed through to a 24-fibre splicing cassette positioned in a vertical stack of 81. Each cassette has its own 24 circuit LC presentation module which islc module fitted in to position using a quarter turn locking mechanism and locates it in position at the rear of the pivoting patch frame. The LC modules have a 24 fibre colour coded pigtail pre-installed, so splicing onto the incoming fibres in each splice cassette is made simple. In the event that the ODF is not fully populated with LC modules at initial installation, the system allows for easy installation of additional modules using the simple quarter turn locking mechanism, simply rotate the patch frame to gain access to the rear and locate the module, the 24 fibre pigtail can then be installed into the relevant splice cassette ready for splicing. For any maintenance i.e. connector or adaptor cleaning the module can be released simply by reversing the process, then to gain access to the inside of the module release the push-pull fasteners at the rear and the module cover can then be removed. Standard configuration is splice cassettes on left and patch frame to the right, this is also know as a WEST ODF. An opposite configuration is available which is know as a EAST ODF. In the event of a larger presentation requirement, the West & East ODF’s can be fitted together by removing the plate located on the facing sides of each ODF and inserting the mating flange(supplied separately) between ODF’s, this allows patching between West & East ODF’s and expansion of the system to give a maximum of 3888 circuits. Patching between circuits is easily performed with patches routed through a ring management system on the pivoting patch frame, excess patchcord length can be stored around the spools below the patch presentations. In a West/East ODF solution, patching is performed by routing between ODF’s by patching through the access opening between the ODF’s.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 800mm (width)
1200mm (height)
300mm (depth)
Weight: 50 kg
Capacity: Up to 1944 optical presentations
Materials: Enclosure: 1.6mm stainless steel
Finish: A2 (AISI 304) grained
Door: Removable, hinged 4 x positions
Opening to 180°
Silicone door seal
Cable Entry / Exit:  
Optical cable: 8 x M32 Cable glands
Protection category:   
IP68 to EN60529/09.1992


Conforming Standards

BS EN 61300 Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components
basis test and measurement procedures
Telcordia GR-326-CORE Issue 3 September 1999

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