HDPe Pivot ODF System

HDPe Pivot ODF System



Pivot ODF (High Capacity) 24-way tray. pivot ODF

  • High Capacity Splice / Patch Solution
  • Standard rack accommodates up to 768 circuits
  • Most industry standard connectors available
  • Combination Splice & Patch pivoting trays
  • Splice, Patch or Storage tray options
  • Individual pivoting tray access
  • Secure cabinet with lockable doors
  • Total internal fibre & cable management
  • Unit & Pivot “Handed” either left or right
  • Total fro nt access
  • ETSI Footprint


 The High C apacity Pivot ODF has been designed as  a modular 24-port per tray ODF solution for customer connection & co-location applications where fibre security and high density fibre management is required.



The ODF compri ses  of :

Up to 4 x High density pivot tray frames, each can contain 8 x 24-port pivoting Splice/Patch trays. Each unit has a hinged and removable front door secured by quarter turn fasteners, and each tray is protected by a removable top  cover. Individual trays can carry up to 24 x fibre circuits. Each 24-port tray may be removed from its 8 position pivot tray frame by simply pivoting 90° then pulling outwards, this will allow for splicing to be made at a more comfortable position. This system also allows for expansion as and when required, so a 8-position pivot tray frame could be loaded with a single 24-port tray, through to the full 8 tray maximum, thus making a cost effective system. 

Incoming plant cables are clamped internally, and fibre tubes are fed though protective transport tubes to each tray.

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