Angora ODF System

Angora ODF System

Angora ODF System - Side Access High Density Optical Distribution Frame CAN-ODF-800.

The key to a successfully managed transmission network lies in the choice of the right fibre optic distribution system. CAN-ODF-800 solution provides fexible cabling access, expandable frame concept, integrated cable management. Inccorperating a future proof modular design with the highest termination capacity possible and superior cable management. High density side access type of module is also designed to fit a variety of termination, splice, and storage applications.



  • Standard 19” & ETSI installations
  • Designed to be used together with high density side access type modules
  • Maximum fibre density of 2880 ports (Splice & patch) and superior cable management
  • Special cable glands to fix the maximum number of bundle cableson the ground
  • Slot type cable guide compartments to feed the modules via miniflex tubes
  • No crushed or stressed fibre
  • Wide range of splice, patch and cable storage options
  • Bend Radius Protection of 35 mm throughout entire frame and all modules
  • Max Cable Protection
  • Interchangeable cassettes for various cable/tube counts and connector styles
  • Accepts WDM and splitter cassettes
  • Integral patchcord management


Density Information:

  • 14 Modules in 47 U Frame (13x3U+1x1U module)
  • LC, FC, ST, MTRj, E-2000 interfaces etc available
  • The Frames are compliant to Telcordia Specifcation GR-449-core


Technical Details:

Dimensions 750 mm (W) x 300 mm (D) x 2200 mm (H)
Material  Mild Steel
Colour Powder coat RAL 7035
Weight  105 kg / empty
Maximum port capacity 2880 Port (Splice & Patch)
Maximum High Density Side Access Modules 13 x 3U+1x1U Module =2880 ports of any SFF connector/frame
Compliance  GR-449-core of Telcordia Specifcation


Fibre tranmission networks in Telco's central office applications, FTTX applications, fibre exchange systems, or utility networks.

High Density Side Access Angora Module

CAN-ANG-800 module - design is the most advanced splice & patch system with cable management ever developed for high density applications on carrier & transmission side.


  • Compact 3U module
  • Each 1U accommodates 2 fibre trays with each max capacity of 24 fibre
  • Max capacity of the module is 216 fibre for SSF dublex adaptors
  • Fibre trays and connected patchcords can slide in and out independently as a pull-out unit
  • Splice cassettes are made from ABS / PC, Halogen free and flame retardant (UL94 v-0)
  • Side Access feature ensures laser safety for eyes
  • Integrated outgoing patchcord routing guides, which guides the patchcords smoothly to the excess patchcord storage area, while ensuring minimum bend readius criteria of 30mm

Technical Details:
Dimensions 457mm (W) x 252mm (D) x 133mm (H)
Material Mild Steel
Colour Powder coat RAL7035
Weight 5.3 kg
Maximum Port Capacity 216 Ports for SSF Double Connectors




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