Hydra Minicore Fibre cable

The MCL Multiway Hydra fibre cable also know as Minicore fibre cable, range is designed for Data centres and Telecom room environments where duct space is at a premium. The main cable run is in minicore cable containing primary coated fibre which means it has a compact diameter allowing high cable densities. It is also easily strippable making it ideal for splicing. The minicore cable is fitted to a compact secure gland at each end to manage out the 2mm terminated cable legs. The connectorised cable end comprises of 2mm diameter elements which makes it ideal for connectorisation due to its strength and resilience Therefore the Hydra Cable assembly features a small, compact size of Minicore Cable providing flexible though ruggedized product with the improved optical performance of Mini Cable structure. The standard 2mm patch lead style tails are ruggedized to secure the optical fibre in the non-protected environments outside the patch panel or Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs). The network topology can be reduced and simplified by direct connection to active equipment bypassing wall boxes, ODFs of fibre patch panels, the end result is a greatly improved power budget and reduced fibre management space.

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