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MCL Data Solutions Fibre Optics Tools at economical prices. We provide advanced and basic fibre optic hand tools,LOW cost fibre optic talk sets, and optical test sets for fibre optic testing, as well as, fibre optic connectors, mid span entry tools, fibre optic patch cables, fibre optic cleavers, and fusion splicers. Call sales on 01702 443810 regarding your needs.

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  1. Fibre Inspection Microscope X400 1.25mm & 2.5mm

    Incl. VAT: £150.00 Excl. VAT: £125.00

    This hand held fibre inspection microscope, incorporates coaxial Illumination to provide maximum light transmission and render the clearest view of polish quality. In short, you see scratches very clearly with this type of illumination. This design is far preferred by fibre specialists because they can see exactly what type of polish quality they've produce. 2.5mm and 1.5mm adaptors are included in the set. Learn More
  2. Fibre Optic Cold Cure Termination Tool Kit

    Incl. VAT: £315.48 Excl. VAT: £262.90

    The MCL cold cure fibre termination and inspection kit is a much needed and valuable kit for anyone wishing to terminate fibre using the cold cure method. This kit is suited for anyone who is competent at terminating fibre. Allows on-site installers to terminate fibre cable without the need for a curing oven. Learn More
  3. Fibre Optic Stripper Dual Hole - Miller CFS-2

    Incl. VAT: £29.77 Excl. VAT: £24.81

    Miller CFS-2 stripper has new comfort grips and ergonomically enhanced handles for extra comfort and ease of use. New factory set and locked calibration screw puck provides for better and more precise strips every time. One hole for removing 3mm jackets and the second hole to remove 900um and 250um coatings. For stripping 250 micron buffer coating to expose 125 micron cladded fibre Pre-set at the factory - no adjustments needed Will not scratch or nick glass fibre All stripping surfaces are manufactured to precise tolerances to assure clean, smooth strips Comfort-grip, ergonomic handles Lock to hold tool closed when it is not in use. Learn More
  4. Field optical fibre cleaving tool

    Incl. VAT: £202.80 Excl. VAT: £169.00

    Field optical fibre cleaving tool - field fibre optic cleaver suitable for most multimode OM1/2 cable/connector applications. For higher cleave precision for use with OM3/4 OS1/2 type fibres. Learn More
  5. Fujikura 70S Fusion Splicer Kit

    Incl. VAT: £7,624.80 Excl. VAT: £6,354.00

    The Fujikura 70S kit is a fully robust, core alignment fusion splicer, providing consistent, low loss, splice performance. Automatic Core Alignment Fusion Splicer that Includes - Carry case with worktable, spare electrodes, CD manual & PC software, USB lead, ADC-18 AC adapter. CT-30A cleaver, BTR-09 battery pack, DCC-18 charge lead, J-Plate & CLAMP-S70D for 900um loose tube. 3 year parts and labour warranty on splicer only,1 year on cleaver and 3 months on battery. Learn More
  6. Kevlar Scissors - Miller KS-1

    Incl. VAT: £19.28 Excl. VAT: £16.07

    Lightweight shears ideal for cutting Kevlar strength members found in fibre optic cable. Ergonomic moulded handles provide comfort for both right and left handed users. One micro-serrated blade reduces slippage for more positive cutting action. Blades made from high carbon molybdenum, and vanadium steel for long life. Learn More
  7. Laser Fibre Fault Finder

    Incl. VAT: £381.31 Excl. VAT: £317.76

    The LFF-UNI Fibre Laser Fault Finder has a 2.5mm interface for ST/FC/SC connectors, and a adaptor designed to be used with LC connector to convert it to a 1.25mm interface. Learn More
  8. Tri Hole Fibre Cable Stripper

    Incl. VAT: £32.24 Excl. VAT: £26.87

    This hard wearing, easy to handle fibre optic stripping tool includes three stripping guides for: 2mm outer jacket, 900µm Buffer, and 250µm acrylic coating, Safety catch and factory set adjuster. Learn More

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